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Top Three Things to Consider When Choosing an Educational Toy For Your Toddler

Author: Rachel Nunez

Toddlerhood is the best time to start building your child's fundamental skills. During this stage, which typically lasts during the ages of 1-3 years old, your toddler has a heightened sense of curiosity towards the world around him. He will begin to explore new objects and sensations with more than just a passing interest.

This is also the time when your child starts learning how to speak. As he advances further into the later stages of toddlerhood, he will be able to add new words to an ever-expanding vocabulary and use those words to form simple phrases and sentences.

You can maximize your toddler's rapid brain development by giving him educational toys to play with. These toys stimulate your child's inquisitive mind and hasten the learning process. At the same time, your toddler can have loads of fun!

Here are some helpful tips to consider when selecting an educational toy for your child:

* Choose Eye-catching Toys

Guidecraft Toddler Kitchen Island

With so many new stimuli bombarding your toddler's senses and vying for attention, it is important to pick out a toy that will hold your toddler's attention for more than just a moment. Bright, gay colors will help capture and hold your child's attention. Your highly inquisitive toddler will also be drawn to toys that come in different shapes and sizes.

When picking out any toy, educational or not, looks play an important role so choose carefully. Educational toys are only educational if your toddler plays with them. Moreover, it is economically wasteful to buy a toy that will only be relegated to a recluse corner in the nursery to gather dust.

* Select Multi-purpose Toys

There are so many educational toys to choose from that selecting one for your toddler can be quite a headache. With a limited budget, you can make the most out an educational toy by choosing one with a variety of uses. Some toys, like flash cards, only allow your toddler to practice their alphabet or numbers. While playing and learning one thing is great, playing and learning multiple things is better!

One very useful toy that develops multiple skills is a building block set. You can get your toddler to sort out the blocks according to color and shape. They will also introduce your toddler to patterns and dimensions -- concepts that he will be able to appreciate more when he matures into childhood.

* Make Safety a Priority

Lastly, but most important of all, choose toys that are safe for your child's age. Toddlers perceive objects through all the senses: sight, taste, touch, smell and sound. Primary among these senses is that of taste. If you give a toy or any object to a toddler, he will automatically put that object in his mouth. It is therefore very important not to give toddlers toys that contain small parts or toys that are prone to breaking. Your toddler may choke on the small pieces.

Toddler Painting Brush Set by Alex Toys

With these tips to guide you, you will be able to choose a safe, educational toy that will engage your toddler for countless hours on end!

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A Trip to Toy Stores - Insight on How to Locate it Wisely

Articulated Dump Truck by Little Little Little Toy Company

A Trip to Toy Stores - Insight on How to Locate it Wisely

Author: Rachel Nunez

The last time I went to a kids store was a couple of years ago the occasion that I visited the store was for the reason of birthdays, christening and during graduation of my friends and niece and nephew. Up until now that we have a baby in the household of my brother I find the idea of searching the entire toy stores, finding for a perfect gift horrifying in the sense that there are some bargains stores that you have to fight tooth and nail just to look for it.

What inspires me though in making this article is a segment in a local television were in they showed that toddlers or children can actually handle, touch and play with the different toys, clothes they would like to buy out from the store, the store is called Pocketful of kids. In addition they have puppetry and different games sponsored by the kid's stores so kids will be able to enjoy their trip with gusto. This kind I like visiting for it brings out the child in you that would like to have a trip.

This catapult to a trip and wherever this trip goes I just have to brave it out, after all isn't it the challenge of the unknown that make us want to walk the unknown and found out exactly what it in it that cajoled us and give us the adrenaline rush to look and found out the token of surprises that I got out of it.

So this is the culmination of my many trips in the different outskirts of the city as well as the things I learned in locating it wisely.

• Bargain Stores or Tiangge - The ever present store in the city's outskirt the challenge is will you be able to survived the hardship of getting your goods and you unscratched after a sale. These bargains are usually located in Chinese grounds. They sometimes promote these sales or bargains in the newspapers.

• There are toy stores that provides catalogue to customers which provide a previews or whole selection of what they have in their inventory. This would enable you to choose beforehand things you like to buy. This can be asked thru email or mail.

• Getting endorsement or asking friends in which they found their kids stores is also a good way in finding this stores that may give you the store which offered a variety of item you have in mind. Have a time out with friends and get information for their latest news on their buys for their kids.

• Window Shopping for a toy or clothes will be a lot easier if you check first the Mall Directory, this will shorten your walk and give you precise direction on which outlet to check.

• For those people who are into Online shopping and the grand scale that you can buy from it. The easiest and savviest ways of buying gifts without the hassle of going of the house or office or your location at the exact time you decided to buy a goods.

• Television commercials or segments are one of the most powerful medium in locating if we just find time in watching it. We can go looking for their outlets in the internet or phone directories pages, after locating it.

• Tradeshows or Exhibits most especially During Christmas season they provide customers a cheaper value of the good their selling. They are usually held in tradeshow centre or lobby of hotels or offices.

• I have learned that even conventional or traditional in outlook a phone directories where in an address and phone number of kid's stores comes in handy. If you want to check there outlets. This also gives you the idea that you're in the right track in buying a certified goods.

In my trip to kids stores there a lot of path that I was able to discover along the way, what makes me more curious is the doors opened to a lot of avenue sometime leading me to a wrong door for my gift others are just there ready to be discovered given time and efforts.

The tianges and bargain stores that used to irritate me given another chance are like a magic lamp providing me the things I wanted to give. I never knew that kid's stores are also considered as tiange or bargain or if things ever existed I just find out because of this trip.

That it is easier or wiser for that matter to get the catalogue we get from people who is providing it for this will give us enough time to see or ask the person involved. This also lessens the time for us to think and walk through the stores deciding.

Quack-a-long by Little Little Little Toy Company

I saw familiar faces of friends, relatives and siblings having the same problem and I was able to suggest the things I get familiar with so they will not be able to have the same problem or if not choose a different route that is wise economical and will give them wise use of their time.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Year's Top Selling Toys, December, 2008 - Okay, baby boomers, for those of you that have kids or grand kids, and want to know what’s in and what’s not, here is a quick tip on two top selling stuffed animals of the season.
Care Bears are this year’s sensation since the Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the very popular Care Bear and Strawberry Shortcake TV cartoons from the 1980s will be returning to CBS. The Care Bears were originally created by American Greetings in 1981, and turned into stuffed Teddy bears in 1983 by Kenner toys. Care Bears are just one more 80s comeback that all our echo boomers will remember so well , and will make a great Christmas gift.
Zebra Stuffed Animal by Melissa & Doug

Also, popular as ever is Elmo. TV audiences got their first glimpse of this delicious little 3 1/2 year old red monster puppet in 1998, when PBS’s Sesame Street first introduced this adorable little creature. There are many variations of this children’s favorite from the classic “Tickle Me Elmo”, to the plain plush Elmos, and all are very popular on children’s wish lists.

Wishing for more simple tips for children’s Christmas gifts?

Come join
Beagle Stuffed Animal by Melissa & Doug is a social networking site connecting the Baby Boomer generation. Share your thoughts, rediscover old friends, or expand your mind with brain games provided by clinical psychologist Dr. Karen Turner. Join today to discover the many ways we are helping Boomers connect for fun and profit.

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These Toys are Guaranteed to Make a Splash!

These days' bath toys have become a lot more complex than your average rubber ducky that you used to play with in the tub when you were a kid. These days it can be quite difficult getting your child into the bathtub on a daily basis, these top bath toys are guaranteed to help you get your child squeaky clean!

Bath puppets are not only fun for the child, but fun for the parent as well, every parent loves to see their child laugh and giggle, and bath puppets are bound to make bath time fun! Bath puppets are usually made up of a terry cloth material, which makes it easy to clean your child while you entertain them with the actual puppet!
Sea & Me Bath Book by WJ Fantasy

Bathtub finger paints and crayons have been around for years, and still have held a captive bathtub audience. Bathtub art makes a child seem like they are not really even taking a bath, just playing around with paints and crayons, writing on the walls of the tub. These finger paints and crayons are relatively mess free, because they only show up on the tub or shower, and will wash off in seconds, meaning that your tub will be clean once bath time is finished!

There has been a few more rubber toys added to the rubber ducky tub toy. These toys include rubber frogs and rubber hippos! These toys can keep a child occupied for at least a half hour or so while in the bath tub! The frog can even suck up some water and be used as a little mini squirt gun of sorts, making bath time even more fun for your child!

Along with the usually toys, there are some also new toys that have been added such as bath stickers. Bath stickers have become increasingly popular over the recent years and parents and children are hooked on bath time! These stickers are made up of foam and when they get wet they can easily stick to the tub. When these stickers get dry, they will unpeel from the tub in a snap!
Bath Sort & Spray Whale by Alex Toys

Whatever type of bathtub fun you are looking for, or if you are simply having trouble getting that tyke in the tub at night, bath toys like the ones offered are sure to pull your child into the tub and put them in absolute giggles the whole time! These toys can be found at any major department store or toy store, they are relatively inexpensive, and make incredible birthday and Christmas gifts! If you find that you want to make bath time fun for your child, then look into purchasing some new bath toys, these toys will spice up any bath tub night, just be careful you may find it hard to get your child out of the tub instead of in the tub with these toys!

Monday, November 24, 2008

For a Particular Age There is a Particular Toy

By: Travis Olague

Toys don't only give excitement to the babies but benefit them by strengthening their fine motor skills, imagination and creative expression. Wonderful learning baby toys and games help babies and children to develop new skills as they play. High quality playthings support healthy growth-emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Children learn and develop more by imagining and doing. Speaking about toys and their magic effect on children it will be very unwise to ignore the age of the little minds, because every age stage needs its special toy.

First months
There are three things which are essential for newborns: delicious and nutritious mother's milk, calm and healthy sleep and a lovely, bright toy to entertain the little one when he or she is active. Though their eyesight is blurry, and they cannot focus on shapes quite well, bright colored moving objects can get a firm hold of their attention for a long time. And if you choose a toy with music it will become more attractive and fascinating. Rattles, squeaky toys or toys with music can have a soothing effect on your babies and create a calm feeling to them, Gentle music, for example can calm your baby before sleep or just when your little one is crying feeling nervous. A good toy can divert the baby's attention but for a while so you have a little time to guess the reason of crying and eliminate it.

ABC Roll & Go by Brainy Baby

Growing up
And of course there are toys with popular dancing music and songs which even can make your baby move to the music, wave his or her little hands or nod. As the baby grows up and can already hold toys somehow, well designed textured musical playthings will help to stimulate your baby's senses of sight, hearing, touch, as he or she begins to discover his or her new world.

Floor activities
Time is passing and your baby becomes more active and quick now he or she is ready for more energetic games. At the age of 6-9 months babies start to grip toys reaching for them, they enjoy playing with balls, cuddle-soft toys, bricks using their both hands. Pushing and pulling along baby toys will encourage walking and be very useful for balancing. It will make them interact with surroundings and encourage physical development as "chase and catch".

From 9 months to 1 year
So this is the time for interacting toys, like barking dogs and leaping frogs. Pressing buttons and winding up toys will not only entertain the babies but will also teach them about "causes and effects". It is also time for your toddlers to make an evolutionary step from crawling to walking. But do remember; do not try to rush your baby, you can only help him or her giving a ride-on toy to develop the muscles in his or her legs and arms improving the baby's coordination.

Do they really need toys?
In the first year of his or her little life a baby grows more now than at any other time, both physically and mentally, that is why it is extremely important to give your baby everything possible to improve his or her development.
Your babies like seeing your lovely face, listening to your sweet voice, laughing at you but their world is half empty without toys. Let's make their environment exciting.

Baby Buzzer by IQ Baby

Author Resource:-> We present a great variety of education baby toys and games -from baby and early childhood toys to science and nature baby toys. We offer different books and activities for your little cute minds. High quality and safety make our products longed-for and desirable.

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Tips to find correct toy for your dog

There are many toys out there that your dog will love but finding one that he/she won't destroy in a couple minutes may be tough. There are several things that you'll want to consider before you make those major purchases. We all know those ropes that our dogs love to tug on. Well, they were the first company to come out with them. I believe that they first designed them as a perch in a bird cage. Nonetheless, they have been a great asset for us to have when playing with our dogs.

One of the first obvious considerations is the size of your dog.
Don't just buy anything cheap and small for them. Look for the quality pet toys products. Ropes come in all sizes and now even lots of different shapes. There are one knot with a handle, two knot, three knot and even larger ones. If I am buying ropes either to resell or for my own dog I look for quality.

I want something that is going to hold up for a while. So always look for a name brand. I mean they started the whole rope toy thing and only manufacture quality pet care products. No matter what type of dog toy you are looking at for your pet, always go for quality - they will always last a lot longer and in the long run - will save you money and make your pet happier.If your dog is a small dog then you can get them some dog supplies that are soft and easy to chew. That is unless your dog is the type to tear into everything.

Then, something sturdier comes to mind. There are several manufacturers that make several toys for the small dog that like to chew. Once again, when you buy quality you get more and more uses out of the dog toy and you save money in the long run.If you are looking for something to throw for your dog to retrieve or catch outside then the flying disc is the perfect toy for that.

They are light weight and they float. Great for any dog outside activity. So when you think about buying a new toy for your dog think about what your dog's needs and then think quality before you buy. Prioritize top notch quality for toys for your dog.Another trick to help you choose the correct toy for your dog is to purchase the right toy from a pet store online. Often, quality pet care products can be found online but it may be difficult to hand touch the pet care supplies. Since this is the case, look to see if dimensions are listed or if the toy is meant for a small, medium, or large dog. The same of course applies to aquarium supply, pet bird supplies, cat supplies, and other online pet supplies.Good luck finding the right dog toy for your special doggie.

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Family Guy, collector's edition monopoly game

Family Guy : Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game

Family Guy : Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game

Now’s your time to get stinkin’ rich!
Buy, sell and trade Quahog’s prime real estate in the Family Guy™ collector’s edition of the MONOPOLY® game.
From Cleveland’s Deli and Mayor West’s Mansion to Hugs & Kisses (the good kind) Daycare and the sovereign
nation of Petoria - it’s all up for grabs. Gouge your opponents every time they land on your property, build Homes
and Mansions to fortify your Quahog empire and ultimately bankrupt your opponents. Do you have what it takes to
claim world dominance? Includes six collectible pewter tokens (Peter, Lois, Brian, Stewie, Chris & Meg) in addition
to a 60-minute speed play option!
This game is sweet!
Ages 8+
2-6 players