Monday, November 24, 2008

For a Particular Age There is a Particular Toy

By: Travis Olague

Toys don't only give excitement to the babies but benefit them by strengthening their fine motor skills, imagination and creative expression. Wonderful learning baby toys and games help babies and children to develop new skills as they play. High quality playthings support healthy growth-emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Children learn and develop more by imagining and doing. Speaking about toys and their magic effect on children it will be very unwise to ignore the age of the little minds, because every age stage needs its special toy.

First months
There are three things which are essential for newborns: delicious and nutritious mother's milk, calm and healthy sleep and a lovely, bright toy to entertain the little one when he or she is active. Though their eyesight is blurry, and they cannot focus on shapes quite well, bright colored moving objects can get a firm hold of their attention for a long time. And if you choose a toy with music it will become more attractive and fascinating. Rattles, squeaky toys or toys with music can have a soothing effect on your babies and create a calm feeling to them, Gentle music, for example can calm your baby before sleep or just when your little one is crying feeling nervous. A good toy can divert the baby's attention but for a while so you have a little time to guess the reason of crying and eliminate it.

ABC Roll & Go by Brainy Baby

Growing up
And of course there are toys with popular dancing music and songs which even can make your baby move to the music, wave his or her little hands or nod. As the baby grows up and can already hold toys somehow, well designed textured musical playthings will help to stimulate your baby's senses of sight, hearing, touch, as he or she begins to discover his or her new world.

Floor activities
Time is passing and your baby becomes more active and quick now he or she is ready for more energetic games. At the age of 6-9 months babies start to grip toys reaching for them, they enjoy playing with balls, cuddle-soft toys, bricks using their both hands. Pushing and pulling along baby toys will encourage walking and be very useful for balancing. It will make them interact with surroundings and encourage physical development as "chase and catch".

From 9 months to 1 year
So this is the time for interacting toys, like barking dogs and leaping frogs. Pressing buttons and winding up toys will not only entertain the babies but will also teach them about "causes and effects". It is also time for your toddlers to make an evolutionary step from crawling to walking. But do remember; do not try to rush your baby, you can only help him or her giving a ride-on toy to develop the muscles in his or her legs and arms improving the baby's coordination.

Do they really need toys?
In the first year of his or her little life a baby grows more now than at any other time, both physically and mentally, that is why it is extremely important to give your baby everything possible to improve his or her development.
Your babies like seeing your lovely face, listening to your sweet voice, laughing at you but their world is half empty without toys. Let's make their environment exciting.

Baby Buzzer by IQ Baby

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